Planeswalkers for Diversity is always open to new writers who are passionate about Magic being played in an atmosphere that is welcoming, inclusive, and accessible to everyone regardless of their gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, disability, and anything else that has nothing to do with the game. In particular we are interested in writers who are willing to produce well researched, professional articles that reflect well on Planeswalkers for Diversity. All submissions will be passed on to editors so submissions need not be perfect but we are short on editors too so a modicum of decent spelling and grammar is required.

Please fill out the form below to let us know if you are willing to contribute to either of our current series: Peek, Judge of Currents, if you have an idea for an ongoing series, or if you would like to submit a single article on a topic related to diversity and Magic.


NEWS: Although we are looking for volunteers who are passionate and would write about diversity related topics anyway, we are looking for a sponsor that is willing to compensate your hard work on well researched and written articles in the form of store credit at an online retailer. As a back-up plan if this does not work out, we have recently obtained a generous donation from Yeago of that will ensure we can compensate you somehow (Tapped Out is a deck building utility).

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