Join Captain Vraska’s call … for video clips!

Captain Vraska is recruiting a crew to help ensure that every port is a safe harbour for pirates of all kinds, and she needs your help.

Do you go to a Planeswalkers for Diversity, Lady Planeswalkers Society, or other inclusive welcoming playgroup where you play Magic? We want to hear from you about why this is important, and what difference it makes to your Magic experience. We plan to collect short video clips from Magic players like you to help encourage the formation of such groups everywhere Magic is played.

The idea is to create a full length video to show how Planeswalkers for Diversity and Lady Planeswalkers Society having gatherings in game stores help to make our communities welcoming to everyone who wants to play Magic.  

Want to submit a video? You can include anything you’d like, from you stating what is important about these groups/events/chapters, doing a Q&A with other players, or even folks playing games and hanging out in a store. Always let anyone you are filming know what you are doing, and please make sure to check in with the store and tournament organizer and get written permission from them and anyone you film. Permission and communication are important!

With your footage we will edit together a video of submissions, as well as a short promotional video of a New Year’s resolution challenge where we will ask players to create new P4D/LPS chapters in any local game store that doesn’t already have one.

The main questions we want to address are:

  • Why do inclusive playgroups like P4D and LPS matter? What is important about them?
  • What difference has their presence made to you? To your local community?

Feel free to talk about anything else that is important to you about inclusive playgroup chapters, and how it feels to play in a game store that has them.

What about logistics you say?

  • December 18th, 2017 is the deadline for submitting your videos.
  • Use a camera or a smartphone to make a short video clip, and email for instructions on how to upload your video.
  • Please say what city you are from, as we want to show how these groups have been making a difference to people around the world.
  • Do mention the name (and twitter handle if you like) of anyone who wants to be identified (anonymous is also fine).
  • If possible, use landscape (hold your phone sideways) – it will make the editing easier and the final product better. Similarly, if your device has a high quality / 1080p setting for recording video that would be great.
  • Finally, please make sure videos have good audio. Since this is something we have less control on, we leave it to you.

One last note: This is not for profit, and our video editor Zak is making this under his Media Company SHWAP (So Here We Are Productions) as a service to the community. By submitting your video, you’re giving P4D & LPS the rights of ownership of the video and permission to use it as we see fit. There are currently no plans to use them for anything but this project but you never know when these will be useful in the future!

If you have any questions or issues with DropBox email Zak at, he checks it regularly. And remember to have fun!

Magic the Gathering is owned by © 1995-2017 Wizards of the Coast LLC, a subsidiary of Hasbro, Inc. Lady Planeswalkers Society and Planeswalkers for Diversity are not affiliated with WotC nor Hasbro, Inc.


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