Arlinn Kord, Savior of Planeswalkers

Okay, maybe not that dramatic. However, the Magic Community and the Vorthos community today on just about all social media sang her praises, which is very strange to see. We got our first tidbits of the Shadows Over Innistrad storyline today as we learned of Arlinn Kord and then also Halana and Alena in Under the Silver Moon.  For a set I was kind of meh on to begin with, I’m certainly very excited from a flavor perspective now!

Anyway, like I said, social media was incredibly positive over both of these events, with the focus certainly being on Arlinn.  This pretty much summed up much of the reaction:

But it wasn’t just that we had a Werewolf Planeswalker. It is also part that Arlinn is a woman, with a practical outfit and then additionally doesn’t seem like our typically 15-25 year old looking Planeswalkers, meaning she opens up the demographic within Magic that has aged along side of it for 20 years.

This is key. We’ve had a wide array of characters presented to us across a lot of spectrums, with of course more to be covered, but all of our ‘aging’ or ‘middle aged’ main characters have been male.  Very few of our female characters are portrayed as ‘mature’, ‘old’, ‘or ‘experienced’.  This is a great thing!  This goes outside of the fantasy art and story lines of either telling the story of the maiden(Elspeth, Chandra, Kiora could all fit this) or crone (Mother of Runes, Fate Stitcher), but neglecting the middle.  So this is a great step forward in Magic being more inclusive to a little bit of everyone.

Other people were using Arlinn to replace long lost loved ones in the Vorthos community.  I mean, if we are going to ‘lose’ Elspeth, at least in the comic book sense, we may as well get something equally awesome out of it!

A couple of us went a bit to far into Tin Hat Story Mode, although I’ll laugh is this is the case:

Then there was the fight over what to call her. Wolf Mom seems okay, until you then realize that we automatically assign mom to women at that age, which I’m kinda iffy about.  It belittles people who took other paths and her own story.  It isn’t as if we called Sarkhan Dragon Dad or something silly like that.  Kiora is too ‘young’ to be called Kraken Mom.  So I like this guys solution:

He works for WOTC, so I think I can take it as Gospel.

On the other hand, we had Jack LaCroix who got to the real important things:

I guess everyone has their priorities, even if they don’t align with everyone’s.

And then we had the inevitable sads…

And of course we had this comment ‘all that matters is what is under the picture, I don’t care’

Screenshot 2016-03-02 at 6.34.25 PM

Dude, it is totes okay you don’t like pretty art and full rounded stories, but don’t take away from those of us who do, mmm’kay?  You can have your chatter time when the card is revealed, let us revel in our time! FOR OUR TIME IS NOW!  It isn’t like you are like Jack appreciating some other facet I don’t see, because we don’t know the card yet!

Some of us were doing useful discussion of a card, trying to figure out what she might be.  I’m on team Red-Green personally, but White-Green is also viable, as is perhaps just Red or just Green.  I don’t think we’ve gotten a new Red walker that isn’t Sarkhan or Chandra, so we could be due.  Now watch we get a curve ball thrown at us where she is one color or set of colors on one side, and the complete opposite on the other.  Although, that doesn’t feed in very well with keeping her mind post transformation.

Anyway, at a minimum, Arlinn has gotten everybody thinking about Innistrad in spectacular fashion and overall she is a hit with the community.