One of the best ways to promote welcoming environments is with visible indicators that everyone is welcome where Magic is played. Swag is important and we’re working on ways to make lots of swag available easily and we hope to make some announcements this year about deckboxes, card sleeves, and t-shirts. In the meantime what we have is three different playmats (see below) and some buttons with our (shared) logo being handed out by Judges for Diversity at selected GPs (using a “distribution by convenience method” spreading out from PAX 2016 in Seattle) and we’re working on getting set up so that a batch of these can be ordered on demand.

This Magic is for Everyone playmat is currently available at Yellowjacket Comics in Victoria BC and coming soon to a store in Vancouver. It is also available for purchase from InkedGaming.MTG_Diversity


This diversity themed playmat (for which there is also an article about the story behind the design) is also available for purchase from InkedGaming (note to get the version with the MTGDiversity logo you need to click on the “alternate art version” below the main image in the InkedGaming store):


Finally, this playmat of all female planeswalkers designed by Tobias Durose is also available for purchase from InkedGaming and should be available in the alternate version with the words later in 2017.