Victoria, BC, Canada
  • Organizers: Nelson Salahub & Ben Wheeler
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Seattle, Washington
Lady Planeswalkers Society is our “sister organization”. P4D and LPS strongly support each other and we recommend that you organize a chapter of whichever appeals to you most, or both! Events branded under LPS or P4D will attract a largely overlapping but slightly different set of people that could use an encouraging atmosphere to play Magic in. Lady Planeswalker Society is based out of Seattle and has chapters all over the world.
  • Organizer: Tifa Meyen
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Seattle also has Queer Geek Seattle which does all kinds of cool things including games of all kinds and bi-weekly Magic events
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Toronto, Ontario
  • Organizer: Peter Schreier
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Cobourg, Ontario
  • Organizer: Dan Ruffolo
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Ottawa, Ontario
  • Organizer: Andy Bruce
Bernardsville, New Jersey
  • Organizer: Elizabeth Anne
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Melbourne, Australia
  • Organizer: Alice Clarke
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