Image (1)Peek is a series of brief interviews of Magic personalities who support Planeswalkers for Diversity. Derek Boyko is one of the Featured Drafters of and is an avid and very active streamer. Derek led our first episode of “Judge of Currents” giving live commentary on a draft by stream team member Trevor Murdock, who is just an average player willing to have his drafting and playing critiqued by Derek’s vast experience for your benefit, and entertainment.

p4d: How did you start playing Magic: The Gathering?
DB: My brother was really into it from Beta to about Mirrodin (‘93 to ‘03). He had an old computer game from Microprose known lovingly to many as Shandalar that got me hooked. He bought me a starter set in 2000 as a birthday gift and I’ve been playing ever since.

Scglive-SCGSEAStdRd3bDerekBoykoVsRobertDavid712-590p4d: How did you get involved with ?
DB: I had been watching their drafts for about a month for my own entertainment when I said to myself “You know what? I can do that too.” So in 2011, I submitted some draft videos for consideration that were rejected. I had noticed that there were others wanting to get in on the site as well, but had nowhere to post their videos. So, I requested that a community content section be added to the Draft Magic forums for people to post their videos and content and I quickly took it over posting a new video set every week for 5-6 months straight while improving my commentary and they asked me to join the site proper in January of 2012.

p4d: What do you like the most about streaming Magic?
DB: The community is by far the best thing about it. We have some really great people in the Magic community and it’s always a blast hanging out with them.

p4d: You often tell people about p4d while you are streaming. First of all, thanks! Why do you think that the message we are trying to bring to the Magic community is important right now?
DB: I’d like to think that the Magic community is accepting of each other, but the fact is that there are quite a few who still aren’t. There was the incident when Feline Longmore, the High Tide player, won the SCG Open in Seattle last November. She got a ton of flak for no other apparent reason than her gender. And I still constantly hear the suggestion that Melissa DeTora got into the Community Cup only because she’s a woman as another example. A lot us of are great at treating each other with respect as similar and yet different people who just love the same game, but there’s still a lot of prejudice and hate going around in the community which I would love to see an end to.

p4d: What can players do to make the Magic community better?
DB: If I can quote Bill and Ted for a minute, “Be excellent to each other.” It’s as simple as that.

p4d: Where can people find you online?
DB: I do drafts on a (mostly) weekly basis at three nights a week at and also on Twitter @HunkyFlunkie

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