Image (1)Peek is a series of brief interviews of Magic personalities who support Planeswalkers for Diversity. Feline Longmore is a legacy player with a penchant for High Tide. And by penchant I mean she really loves High Tide. She first played in FNM back in 2004 and her first StarCityGames Open was July 2012.

p4d: How did you start playing Magic: The Gathering?
FL: A friend got me into the game in 2004, by the end of the year I started my first sanctioned events, FNM’s in Victorville California. First Regionals I played Tooth and Nail, going 4-4 drop.

p4d: You won a StarCity Legacy Open in Seattle a little over a year ago. Can you tell us a bit about the deck you played?
FL: High Tide, the main motivation for playing it is because I really enjoy the deck that much. Winning or losing I enjoy every round I play at every Open.

p4d: A wonderful thing about Magic is finding a card you’re inspired to build around. It sounds like you’ve found it in High Tide and since your Seattle win, you’ve continued to play legacy at a highly competitive level. What is your favourite thing about legacy?
FL: The diversity of the format that is Legacy. There are options to play just about anything and everything, it also makes for a lot of homework.

High Tide

p4d: When you won the Open, there were some pretty terrible comments online about things that have nothing to do with Magic and everything to do with unrelated facts like that you happen to be a woman, you have an unusual first name, or that you are transgender. That incident actually led to the formation of the Planeswalkers for Diversity Facebook group and ultimately this website. How does it affect you when people act on negative stereotypes of woman and trans folk? How do you manage to get past it and keep putting up such great results in spite of this challenge?
FL: I don’t know if I’ve just been lucky or what, but I’ve really had no issues in person at the Open series, I just go and play Magic for the same reason everyone else is there. I guess that’s just what it comes down to and why we are all in the same room, to play. I’ve really never had issues with Magic players in person about non Magic things. Every time I have a conversation with a random at an Open 99% of the time, it’s about Magic! About Legacy! About High Tide! Sometimes it’s about “Where is the closest restaurant from here?” For what happened online back then, I wasn’t there, so I never saw any of it. I was playing in the Open ^.^

p4d: You’ve been lucky to avoid discrimination personally at events. Is it actually important that Planeswalkers for Diversity exists? If so, what would you like to see us accomplish?
FL: Yes, the fact that the group exists is very inspirational to me! What it should accomplish is a harder question to answer, I think in the end it’s what you/me/everyone makes it, what P4D is for themselves. I think, however, that everyone involved with P4D wants the same thing:  to play Magic, have fun, and if everyone keeps this in mind everyone gets along properly.