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Peek is a series of brief interviews of Magic personalities who support Planeswalkers for Diversity. Erin Campbell is the host of the Deck Tease podcast.

p4d: How did you start playing Magic: The Gathering?
Erin: I was introduced to the game in junior high – seventh grade, to be exact.  I’ll never forget the day that my friend Sam pulled out a binder in Miss Hilmer’s class and showed me her Jester’s Cap, Shivan Dragon, and such.  I had never seen anything like it.  From there, her uncle owned a card store down the street from my house, and I would save up my babysitting money and buy packs.  It only went downhill from there!

p4d: How did you get into podcasting?
Erin:  I had been a World of Warcraft blogger for quite some time and had made a very good friend through the community who also blogged.  We kicked around the idea of doing something different, like a podcast and eventually launched The Double O Podcast, which stood for the fact that my WoW handle at the time was “Oestrus” and she was “Ophelie.”  People heard me on our show and liked that I was fun and opinionated, so that led to me being a guest on a half dozen other shows.

p4d: What is your favourite part about podcasting in the Magic community?
Erin:  The fact that through the podcast I’ve been able to not only document my experiences in the community, but that I’ve been able to learn so much about it from the people that I have on, too.  I learned about things like Cube, and drafting, and competitive play by having people who specialize in those things on.  I’m not just having a few laughs with some really fabulous people, but I’m using that as a way to get my questions answered and hopefully other people’s questions, too.

p4d: How badly do you wish that a Splinterfright deck could be Tier 1 in Standard?
Erin:  Ha!  I would truly love that.  It’s funny, because when I was really trying to make it work, I couldn’t see why it wasn’t happening and as I’ve spent more time playing a top tier deck (Jund) and spent more time frequenting more competitive events, I get it now.  I get that it’s too dependent on the graveyard and that there are better options to choose from (like Angel of Serenity) if you do want to make a graveyard intensive plan work.  It breaks my heart to say it, but it would be too much work and not enough reward to make it work.

p4d: You’ve agreed to join the Planeswalkers for Diversity stream team launch of the regular monthly stream event this coming Tuesday (July 9th) at 7 pm Pacific. Why do you think p4d is important enough for you to dedicate precious spare time to this?
Erin:  Well, I wouldn’t describe my spare time as being “precious,” but I have been really fortunate to have a number of game stores in my area be welcoming to women and minorities and people of different sexualities and I realize that a lot of folks aren’t so lucky.  There’s still a lot of work to be done, in the grand scheme of things, and I think p4d may have the means to help change things.  The fact that I’m trans and that I’m very fortunate to have a successful podcast gives me the opportunity to use that visibility for something positive.

p4d: What would you like to see Planeswalkers for Diversity accomplish?
Erin:  To be quite honest, I would like to see more action taking place in the group.  I know I’m guilty of this, as well, to some extent.  But I feel like we have a lot of people with very loud voices and some great opinions, but they’re not really offering themselves up to do anything with that.  It’s one thing to sit at a computer chair and want to make a difference, but it’s quite another to physically implement change.  I hope the group gets large enough where we can meet up at events and represent and tie it all together like that.

p4d: How can readers find you and your show?
Erin:  You can find the show every Monday on LegitMTG.  iTunes and Stitcher Radio usually pick up the show on Tuesday, where you can download, subscribe, and leave reviews for free.  I’m always able to be reached on Twitter, @originaloestrus  My e-mail is, if you have something a bit more personal to say or would like to have more of a conversation with me.


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