Our thanks to LoadingReadyRun for promoting this contest during their Aether Revolt pre-pre-release stream.

The grand prize winner is @Wondermoo_ who is now working with artist Tobias Durose on a custom designed playmat.

The other winners are Benjamin Keriliuk and two more people who we’re still awaiting permission to mention.

Thanks to everyone who donated. Although the contest is closed you can always donate to us if you’d like to help out:

Enter in US Dollars:
Enter in Canadian Dollars:
Enter in Australian Dollars:

Prizes include the playmats below: lotus, female planeswalkers, and Magic is for Everyone – please indicate when you donate if you have a preference (note: it may not be possible to accommodate all preferences). Winners will be determined randomly. Chances of winning at least 10%.

The grand prize (which goes to the person who donates the largest total amount over the course of the contest) is a custom playmat designed with and drawn by Tobias Durose (the artist who produced the planeswalkers playmat).